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IVR Phone System

PSM knows how important it is for our clients to keep track of their locations during a winter weather event. With our IVR system, that is easier than ever. Each of your locations is assigned a unique site id number. When the crew arrives to service the site, they are required to call in to the system and report that services are being done at that location. Our clients are given a logon ID and can log into the designated website anytime, day or night. With just a few clicks you can see if services have been performed for any particular site just by inputting that sites id number. It is information made simple.

  • Eliminates Guesswork: Real information in real time
  • Saves Time & Money: Eliminates staff from doing onsite supervision
  • Accessibility: Can access the system from anyplace, at anytime
  • Increases Productivity: Frees up time for other important tasks
  • Shows Honesty, Integrity & Reliability: Proof of service, on time, every time
  • Clarifies Invoices: Justifies charges by proving real time services
  • Assists In Slip And Fall Claims: Proof of service and timing
  • Peace Of Mind: Know your staff and customers are safe upon arrival