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Meet Our Management Team

David Picinich

Involved in the day to day operations of the company, David is considered a hands on owner, taking part in all aspects, from contract signing through executing service. David started Premier Snow Management over 20 years ago, after being part of the family business since the mid 1980’s. With a solid background in all aspects of exterior maintenance services, he possesses a great wealth of knowledge and skills that he passes on to his whole team. David is always happy to meet with clients and is always finding new ways to make their experience with Premier the best it can be. He is consistently striving to set the company apart from its competitors and keep Premier on top as a leader in the industry.

Jaime Quevedo
Vice President/Operations

Jaime joined the company in 2000 and has become one of Premiers most valuable assets. Working side by side with our President, Jaime is the head of operations and a key player in the planning and execution of services. From logistics of routing and where equipment is placed, to being out in the field during events to ensure smooth operations, Jaime has the knowledge and ability to execute top of the line tactics even during the most challenging storms.

Kristina Giunta
Vice President/ Sales & Service

Kristina came to Premier in 2008 from a long background in Banking & Customer Service. As head of our sales and service departments, Kristina is the main point of contact for most of our clients, as well as for our crews in the field. Her background in customer service, knowledge of products, ability to problem solve and take charge, are all qualities which make her a valuable part of our team and a great asset to our clients.

Nestor Jimenez
Assistant VP Crew Operations

Nestor has been part of our team since 1999.  With a solid background in leadership and in maintenance services, he oversees our entire crew department. His ability to problem solve, and his knack for putting together the right teams and the right strategies for any situation are all part of what makes Nestor a very valuable, key part of Premier.

Patricia Galterio
Managing Director/Accounting

Patricia joined the Premier team in 2010. Bringing with her an extensive background in all aspects of accounting, Patricia is responsible for our accounts receivable and payable departments. With a team of five under her, Patricia ensures that accounting operations run smoothly, efficiently, and that client billing is handled in a timely and accurate manner.